Estadísticas y significado del nombre Msipa

No tenemos registros del uso de Msipa como primer nombre.
El apellido Msipa se utiliza por lo menos 41 veces y por lo menos en 2 países. (USA,UK)

Primer Nombres
Lloyd Msipa (3)
George Msipa (2)
Idzai Msipa (2)
Lester Msipa (2)
Dorothy Msipa (2)
Mercyline Msipa (2)
Jerry Msipa (2)
Chengetayi Msipa (2)
Beauty Msipa (1)
Mercy Msipa (1)
Mavis Msipa (1)
Marc Msipa (1)
Nozipho Msipa (1)
Patience Msipa (1)
Tembinkosi Msipa (1)
Tembane Msipa (1)
Sithabile Msipa (1)
Cephas Msipa (1)
Charles Msipa (1)
Jabulani Msipa (1)
Dedani Msipa (1)
Felani Msipa (1)
Jerryfanos Msipa (1)
Aydry Msipa (1)
Leroy Msipa (1)
Kydakwashe Msipa (1)
Kudakwashe Msipa (1)
Dianah Msipa (1)

Msipa en reverso es Apism
El nombre contiene 5 letras - 40.00% vocales y 60.00% consonantes.

Anagramas: Msiap Paism Asipm Ispam Misap
Errores de deletreo: Msepa Msipai Mspia Mspap

Rimas: Arequipa Phillipa feta meta amoeba deja cheetah

El significado de este nombre no es conocido.
Mandlenkosi Msipa says: A smaller group of people with surname Msipa trace their family history to Swaziland.The major group comprises of people from an area in central Zimbabwe called Mberengwa (sometimes Mbelengwa) which is partway between the country's two major ethnic groups the MaNdebele and MaShona in both location and cultural aspects. For this group Msipa is a Ndebele mistranslation of Shona "Gumbo" which is a common surname of the MaShonas in that particular region and translates to English as "Leg". The Ndebele Msipa (correctly spelt with an "h" as Msipha) translates to english to mean ligament, in particular one found in the lower limbs. In most names the "h" has been dropped due to that the syllable /pha/ pronounced the same as /pa/ does not exist among the MaShona which by far the bigger group contributing about 84% of the entire zimbabwean population, and again there are instances when the "h" was dropped due to errors in name registration, an occurence that still affects the MaNdebele of Zimbababwe to this day

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