Estadísticas y significado del nombre Germar

Porcentaje de uso: 56% primer nombre, 44% apellido.
El primer nombre Germar fue encontrado 83 veces en 9 países diferentes.
El apellido Germar se utiliza por lo menos 64 veces y por lo menos en 7 países.
El género del nombre Germar es 0% femenino y 100% masculino.

      Surname Germar
Primer Nombres
Renate Germar (1)
Roland Germar (1)
Ralf Germar (1)
Peter Germar (1)
Martin Germar (1)
Norbert Germar (1)
Tomoko Germar (1)
Ute Germar (1)
Piotr Germar (1)
Dolores Germar (1)
Anna Germar (1)
Wilfried Germar (1)
Von Germar (1)
Lisbeth Germar (1)
Klaus Germar (1)
Dieter Germar (1)
Dietmar Germar (1)
Christiane Germar (1)
Christel Germar (1)
Carlo Germar (1)
Frank Germar (1)
Friedhelm Germar (1)
Jutta Germar (1)
Kerstin Germar (1)
Ingrid Germar (1)
Immo Germar (1)
Herbert Germar (1)
Suzanne Germar (1)

Given name Germar
Germar Wohlfart (3)
Germar Rehlinger (2)
Germar Gilbert (2)
Germar Hofmann (2)
Germar Schick (2)
Germar Gassner (2)
Germar Rischer (1)
Germar Risius (1)
Germar Ritter (1)
Germar Lohoff (1)
Germar Riemann (1)
Germar Redmer (1)
Germar Nolte (1)
Germar Sandau (1)
Germar Rapp (1)
Germar Mohaupt (1)
Germar Schloz (1)
Germar Welker (1)
Germar Wiegand (1)
Germar Schneider (1)
Germar Wittke (1)
Germar Vieregge (1)
Germar Unterlechner (1)
Germar Leibold (1)
Germar Seubert (1)
Germar Stephan (1)
Germar Strohmeier (1)
Germar Schiesser (1)
Germar Howad (1)
Germar Dorn (1)
Germar Claus (1)
Germar Eisen (1)
Germar Faber (1)
Germar Fricke (1)
Germar Bleifuss (1)
Germar Bechtel (1)
Germar Sanin (1)
Germar Nardin (1)
Germar Pigal (1)
Germar Berger (1)
Germar Friedrich (1)
Germar Gregor (1)
Germar Heyer (1)
Germar Holder (1)
Germar Lacher (1)
Germar Knoche (1)
Germar Heusel (1)
Germar Helbig (1)
Germar Haustein (1)
Germar Heibges (1)
Germar Heick (1)
Germar Heimel (1)
Germar Kwoll (1)

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Germar en reverso es Ramreg
El nombre contiene 6 letras - 33.33% vocales y 66.67% consonantes.

Anagramas: Remarg Rgeamr Grearm Ergarm
Errores de deletreo: Garmar Gelmar Gerrmar Qermar Germari Gemrar Gemrra Geramr

Rimas: Delmar Jamar Lamar Myanmar Omar Palomar Samar

Significado del nombre Germar es: Old Danish
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Old Wiki
Name: Germar
Gender: Masculine
Origin: Asia
Language: English
Thematic: History
Meaning: Brian QuinnHope
Poems on Life: Life can be cruel, and sometimes we're forced to abandon many things. Family. Love. Our future. But this heartfelt poem, written by a poet who knows, tells us there is one thing we must never give up ...
Comments: In some sense, it could be argued a category about Life is a vague, nebulous cop-out. Any poem ever penned by Man or Woman would surely gain ready admittance here. All poems, almost by definition, are about Life.
But don't, for a moment, think that makes this category any less important. On the contrary, if the poems and topics you are about to explore are about Life, then they are also about you.
No one person can ever experience all that life has to offer. It is only through sharing - experiences, feelings, insights - that we can hope to grow beyond our own meager lifetime. Are you ready to grow today?
Let the countdown begin.

Personas Famosas: Ernst Friedrich Germar, Germar Rudolf, Manfred

Autores: Germar Rudolf, Germar Muller, Germar Wambach, Germar Bernhard, Germar Enders, Rudolf Germar, Carlo Mattogno Germar Rudolf, Germar Rudolf Jurgen Graf

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